[3 Hour] SUPER EUROBEAT Ultra-mix for High Quality Playback and Ultimate Subscriber Appreciation

  • Diupload pada 10 Sep 2017

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    Hey guys! I'm so grateful for the 1500 subs I've received since I uploaded my first mix. I love Eurobeat with a passion, and I think it's the perfect music to throw on to enhance whatever activity you're doing, no matter how mundane. I started off making these mixes for myself to get me through class, a work out, or a day at work. It makes me so happy to hear people in the comments using my mixes for the exact same thing, and I'm motivated to continue bringing you guys new and unique mixes as time goes on.

    To show my appreciation, I've constructed this mix of songs that I consider to be my favorites, as well as the most popular songs voted by you guys in the polls (you guys have killer taste by the way). You will also notice a significantly higher audio quality compared to other mixes, as I've used my own Super Eurobeat rips, as well as publicly available FLAC files to construct it.

    I hope you guys enjoy! Keep sending those C O O L V I B R A T I O N S my way and I'll see you in the comments!

    - Neon

    DOWNLOAD: https://mega.nz/#!IC5GHaaQ!...

    TWITTER: https://twitter.com/JD_Fish...

    DISCORD: https://discord.gg/RcyRveV

    I don't monetize my videos! Consider donating to my PayPal to support the channel! [email protected]

    I did not create any of these songs, I only spliced them together. The tracks and their corresponding artists are listed below:

    The Top \\ Ken Blast 0:00 [#1 MOST REQUESTED BY FANS][Neon's Top 5]

    Fly To Me To The Moon And Back \\ The Spiders From Mars 4:30 [Neon's Top 5]

    Full Metal Cars \\ Daniel 8:30 [Neon's Top 5]

    A Perfect Hero \\ Chris Stanton 12:36 [#2 MOST REQUESTED BY FANS]

    Forever Young \\ Symbol 17:49 [#3 MOST REQUESTED BY FANS]

    Chemical Love \\ Kevin & Cherry 24:01 [Neon's Top 5]

    Don't Stand So Close \\ Dr.Love 27:52 [#4 MOST REQUESTED BY FANS]

    Butterfly \\ Smile.dk (Hyper K Mix) 33:15

    Eurobeat \\ Dr.Love 36:30

    When The Sun Goes Down \\ Ken Blast 40:23 [#5 MOST REQUESTED BY FANS]

    Space Love \\ Fastway 45:12 [Neon's Top 5]

    Beat Of The Rising Sun \\ Dave Rodgers 50:05

    White Light \\ Mr.Groove 54:03

    Love Impact \\ MAX 58:03

    Crazy On Emotion \\ Ace 1:03:52

    Boom Boom Japan\\ Dave Rodgers 1:07:48

    Night Of Fire \\ Niko 1:12:42

    Adrenaline \\ Ace 1:17:39

    Golden Age \\ Max Coveri 1:22:00

    Burning Up For You \\ Sara 1:25:59

    Something In The Night \\ Nathalie 1:29:55

    No Control \\ Manuel 1:34:04

    Futureland \\ Ace 1:39:12

    I Won't Fall Apart \\ Jager 1:44:50

    Tension \\ Everybody's Warming 1:49:00

    Save Me \\ Leslie Parrish 1:53:45

    Gas Gas Gas \\ Manuel 1:58:14

    Get Me Power \\ Mega NRG Man 2:02:43

    Help Me To Say Goodbye \\ Casanova 2:07:17

    The Race Of The Night \\ Dave Rodgers 2:11:22

    Take Me Back To Tokyo \\ Mega NRG Man 2:16:02

    Queen Of Mean \\ The Snake 2:20:00

    Euronight \\ Eurogroove 2:24:14

    Grand Prix \\ Mega NRG Man 2:29:21

    Dancin' In My Dreams \\ J. Storm 2:33:10

    Shock Out \\ Fastway 2:37:12

    I Need Your Love \\ Dave Simon 2:42:39

    Remember Me \\ Leslie Parrish 2:47:17

    Dancing \\ Vicky Vale 2:51:22 [C O O L V I B R A T I O N S]

    Deja Vu \\ Dave Rodgers 2:56:40

    Channel J.D Neon

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